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Brian Davis, inventeur accessoire cyclisme

Brian Davis invented and reinvented very clever objects in Appleton, a city in the State of Wisconsin in the USA. His ideas originate from the problems he encounters personally in everyday life. For each problem, he has the solution, as they say!

His world is cycling. Passionate about this sport, it is therefore not very surprising that the projects he launched since he discovered himself a talent for inventing are intimately linked to bikes. Among them, there is the Fix It Sticks range, the Swiss knife of riders. A multifunction tool that slips anywhere and allows you to make the most common repairs on a two-wheeler. Brian Davis also designed a bottle whose shape was specially designed for bike enthusiasts. The BackBottle is very accessible because it is placed on the back without hindering. His latest release is a balaclava called The Weatherneck, which met a huge success on Kickstarter.

In addition to being guided by his passion, Brian Davis defends the 100% made in America and the use of premium materials.

Brian Adams inventeur The Weatherneck

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  • 39,99 €
    39,99 €

    Finally, an innovative balaclava for sports lovers

    Finally, an innovative balaclava for sports lovers

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