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Devotec Industries, inventeur du micro chargeur Fuel

The young company DEVOTEC Industries led by Alex, a graduate of the University of Cambridge, has a team passionate about technology and very creative.

Their niche: design reliable, elegant and affordable products that will appeal to the general public.

Since its creation, DEVOTEC Industries has already put on the market a solar Bluetooth speaker called Solar Sound, a solar charger and then Fuel. The latter which is an absolutely fascinating and clever object is actually a mini charger for phone.

In 2013, the Kickstarter Fuel campaign won over $ 81,000 out of the $ 20,000 requested. Suffice to say that the startup has crossed a course thanks to the smallest phone charger in the world that it invented.

But, it did not stop there. After some improvements, Fuel 2 was born, it is still unusual and incredibly practical.

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