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Runbell sonnette pour coureur urbain


Kevin and Tomoko Nadolny, it is them who had the good idea to invent what all running enthusiasts have dreamed since always: a kind of horn for runner to prevent that one arrives.

At the arrival of their first child, Kevin decides to get into sports and starts running. However, he quickly realizes the hell that this means to run in a city as vibrant as Tokyo. The collisions between pedestrians and sportsmen become commonplace since warning from afar by saying that approaching serves no purpose at all!

The idea of ​​Kevin was to adapt the bell of the bicycle and make it a buzzer for urban runners. A first prototype made on a 3D printer thanks to tutorials on YouTube, a lot of improvement work, the meeting with Oghi Industries, the manufacturer of Japanese bells, eventually culminated in the birth of Runbell.

The fruit of the imagination of Kevin and Tomoko is simply splendid, and above all practical.

A huge success with 700 fans on Kickstarter launches the career of a star who immediately conquered the general public.


Inventeurs de Runbell, la sonnette pour joggeurs

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  • 20,83 €
    20,83 €

    The accessory for all running enthusiasts

    The accessory for all running enthusiasts

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item


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