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Protectus Technologies inc. installed on the West Coast is the origin of a new vehicle security solution called: CarLock.

Car theft being a global scourge, the integration of connected applications within new cars to reduce their number is practically popularized by all car manufacturers. On the other hand, the vehicles that are already in our garages and with which we have been driving for a few years, no one thought of it, except Protectus Technologies inc. Which launches CarLock.

It is an OBD (On Board Diagnostic), very easy to install, connected to an application on a smartphone and allows to monitor the movements of a vehicle 24/7, in more than 90 countries.

However, Protectus Technologies inc. Has not just created an umpteenth anti-theft system connected, thanks to other driving assistance features, CarLock should seduce more than one owner and more than one driver around the world.

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  • 139,00 €
    139,00 €

    The bluetooth anti-theft device and driving assistant

    The bluetooth anti-theft device and driving assistant

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