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Red Motion, fabricant de guidon Baramind


Baramind is a brand of the company Red Motion installed in Isère which focuses its energy in the design of cycling accessories.

The two founders: François MERMOUD and Nicolas SEYNAEVE met in college during their years of Master of Engineering Ergonomics applied to sports equipment, and between the two enthusiasts, they get along immediatly and the idea to create an anti-vibration germ seed and takes Form in their garage with a first prototype that is born in 2008.

The concept seduces, wins innovation competitions and allows them to start seriously, begining with the creation of Red Motion in 2010.

The BAM XC, handlebars with the patented SHOCK ABRORBAR technology meet success among mountain bike enthusiasts and professionals. Also, now great winners use them.

Nothing stops success. Wishing to reach another market: city bicycles and VTC, Red Motion devoted 3 years in development to create the BAM City, a new handlebar that provides more comfort and ergonomics to bikers which cushion the shocks, preserves the back, etc., but which is now manufactured with a new type of material from aeronautics, a hybrid composite. Plus, it's a 100% made in France product!

If the anti-vibration handlebars are their flagship products, Red Motion offers other items for the comfort and safety of cycling enthusiasts.


Baramind, technologie brevetée de guidon anti-vibration

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