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Equipe iblazr, inventeur du flash LED pour iOS et Android

What everyone imagined, the iblazr team did.
In the picture below, Vlad Tislenko and his 3 collaborators pose as rockstars. They can be proud to have succeeded in designing and putting on the market revolutionary inventions: a first external LED flash called simply iblazr, followed by iblazr 2. These super powerful flashes that greatly improve our selfies, photos parties, and many other snapshots, have the advantage of synchronizing directly with our smartphones through an application. Iblazr 2 for example, works via Bluetooth.
The success of the first invention allowed the Ukrainian startup to receive the award "The Most Disruptive Tech" at the CES or Consumer Electronic Show 2014 in Las Vegas, before being acclaimed on Kickstarter in the summer of 2015.

Les inventeurs des iblazr et iblazr 2 Flash LED

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