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Percko, seconde peau pour redresser le dos


80% of the world population suffer from back pain. It is by becoming aware of this staggering that Alexis Ucko and Quentin Perraudeau decided to develop Percko together. Their goal: to create a revolutionary product halfway between textiles and technology to alleviate the pain, but also to straighten the back.


Quentin Perraudeau was a student at the INSA Lyon while Alexis Ucko graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. They followed together a set Central-ESSEC Specialized Master Contractor before embarking on the start-up adventure and creating Percko.


To go through with their ideas and ensure maximum efficiency, Percko products have been developed in partnership with health professionals as Cogitobio and businesses at the forefront of textile innovation as Toptexcube.


Quentin Perraudeau et Alexis Ucko, inventeurs Percko

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  • 129,00 €
    129,00 €

    A second skin that straightens your back and keeps you right

    A second skin that straightens your back and keeps you right

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