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Cyril Loucif-Durouge créateur de Thingz, briques électroniques

Behind the original and innovative concept "Thingz", lies Cyril Loucif-Durouge, a young engineer from Toulouse.
Who has never over-slept? Cyril, tired of not hearing his alarm, imagines and makes a revival that splashes his face with water. Clever!
Then it goes beyond this playful aspect and wants to allow "makers" and young scientists to create their own objects from electronic bricks, a kind of LEGO to mount yourself in minutes.
Cyril is convinced that many good ideas can not be created due to lack of time and skills. For fun, learning or to create the invention of the century, "Thingz" allows everyone to manufacture and share his practical or fun invention with the whole world

Cyril Loucif-Durouge, inventeur de Thingz

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  • 79,00 €
    79,00 €

    Educational electronic kit for young inventors

    Educational electronic kit for young inventors

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