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X TIM inventeur du Bionic Bird, le drone furtif  French tech bionic bird


Bionic Bird, it's a story!
The birth of this "rare" bird in the imagination of Edwin Van Ruymbeke dates back to his youth. When you think about it, he may even be born with it!
It is true that a few years ago, Edwin was already working for the family business where his father and grandfather had designed TIM. If that does not tell you anything, it is the famous elastic bird that has been very successful since its launch in 1969.
Ambitious, he wanted a much more powerful and more design object, with a motor and a battery. His perseverance and ingenuity ended up paying. In Marseille, Edwin Van Ruymbeke within his company X TIM realizes his dream. Bionic Bird found its creator and then takes off.
An appearance of stunning realism and a mobile application to control the drone ... Difficult to be more sensational!
X TIM is also at the origin of other equally fascinating bionic birds: the Avitron, radio-controlled or to launch.

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  • 39,00 €
    39,00 €

    A controllable "drone" bird, stealthy and larger than life !

    A controllable "drone" bird, stealthy and larger than life !

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