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One Earth Designs works closely with Harvard University, MIT and the Norwegian Institute of Technology to deliver the best in solar thermal technology.

We are convinced that if everyone were to change even an ordinary gesture like the cooking of food, it would definitely change our ecological footprint on this Earth.

We always keep in mind our fundamentals which are Human, Planet and Performance to design everyday objects and accessories that will turn negative impacts into positive impacts. For this, we draw our inspiration from nature and produce 100% recyclable products. The final product must adhere strictly to ethics and environmental standards.

One Earth Designs scored the 4 highest scores ever at the Global Impact Rating System. He is also on the B Corps list "Best for the World List", which puts 50 companies working for the sustainable economy in the limelight.

54 prototypes had to be developed before arriving to propose a product that satisfies the team of One Earth Designs in all points of view and in particular in terms of performance. SolSource is supposed to integrate the daily. It is in the Himalayan chains, under extreme conditions that SolSource was born, it was designed to follow the nomads in a rough but real lifestyle.

Our teams are located all over the world, and we involve our friends, families and the entire consumer community in building a company dedicated to sustainable development. Our differences in culture and environment are our strength. We are citizens of the world who devote our lives and spend our energy for the Earth and its people.

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  • 599,00 €
    599,00 €

    The solar grill for eco-friendly cooking

    The solar grill for eco-friendly cooking

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