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GYMWATCH GmbH is a company based in Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Germany. Their niche: the development of devices embedding advanced technologies for fitness. To achieve this, it is a team of 14 people, including 11 computer engineers who work on the projects.

The GYMWATCH Sensor is the revolutionary sensor for which the company has filed its first patent. It comes in the form of a portable accessory and connected to an application that measures with incredible precision every move and every effort during the sports sessions on more than 900 different exercises.

Through this product, GYMWATCH GmbH offers the general public an innovative technology that, combined with the functionality of the application, allows to optimize, correct exercises, follow a personalized program and achieve the objectives more easily.

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  • 149,00 €
    149,00 €

    The tracker to follow and optimize your performance

    The tracker to follow and optimize your performance

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