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Through its range of Flash Me products, Meemento, a Paris-based company, wants to introduce the use of technologies like the QR Code or the NFC in our everydays life to share information easily around us.

The QR Codes are these two-dimensional barcodes that are flashed with a reader such as a smartphone or a tablet. As for NFC technology, it is a technology that allows to communicate 2 devices: a Flash Me and a telephone for example, simply by bringing the two together.

Flash Me connects the real world and the virtual world. Meemento allows us to set the Flash Me so that it displays previously saved information: a visiting card, a blog, a message, contact information, information about our pet, etc.

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  • 5,00 €
    5,00 €

    Share informations about you in a unique way 

    Share informations about you in a unique way 

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