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Producing clean and affordable energy in a hyper-connected world is the goal of Siva Cycle, a start-up in Oakland, USA. DAVID DELCOURT and AARON LATZKE are the two founders of Siva Cycle. David is responsible of trade & marketing, is an environmentally friendly entrepreneur and father. It is no surprise that he is a  bike fan. Aaron develops the technical and creative part of Siva, he likes to make functional things beautiful.

They imagined the Atom. It is an innovative product that integrates to the wheel of a bike and recharges our small electronic devices: an Android smartphone, an iPhone, a GoPro, a GPS, and so on when you ride. Simply connect your device directly via a USB cable.


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The flagship product of Siva Cycle was quoted and congratulated by the major American media: CNN, The Wallstreet Journal, Techcrunch and Scientific American.

This startup has a certain future at a time when the search for green energy has become a global issue. Producing electricity through our own efforts is so obvious, but Siva Cycle has realized it!

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