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The GPS tracking collar Rustytracker is the result of a passionate story.

Gérard, Head of an IT services company and Gyro Gearloose of IT development. Hervé, leader of a transport company, passionate about animals and who whispers in the ear of his dogs.

Three years ago, Hervé's dogs were gone. Carried away by a car one winter morning after they ran away from home.

Hervé meets Gérard who, touched by his story, adapts his traceability system of which he is the leader in France, to a connected object: Rustytracker was born.

Today, and in a few months, the level of 1000 orders has passed. 4 people market and provide technical support for Rustytracker.

Whether in family mode (different family members can follow the same dog) or in pack mode (several dogs followed by the same application on Smartphone), Rustytracker wants to be at the reach of all with a very affordable price for an advanced technology, proven for 8 years by the airlines and adapted to a tracking collar to never lose a four legged friend.

This company based in Malta has developed an innovative system to achieve this. The ingenious combination of a case attached to an accessory that a dog is used to, namely its collar, with the various technologies of geolocalization and transmission of information by the telephone networks is the secret of this success.

Rustrytracker is presently on the French market which counts nearly 8 million dogs and is conquering all Europe. This GPS collar is a real practical solution for all dog owners, but also for dog handlers or hunters.

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