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Mike Mak of FURNITURY LTD is a designer who lives in Hong Kong. He was selected in 2010 as one 36 young designers with strong potential in Asia by the Korea Design Net magazine. He won the special mention of Young Design Talent Award 2013 and is at the origin of numerous creations. We can already mention the Eyeclock, the Dream Car, the BIG BIG PIXEL or the Moon Reach Ladder.

Mike has also left its mark on Kickstarter, his two products have both been financed: the Bookniture folding stool in 2015 and the Tetra Soap tetrapod soap in 2017. And we can see that despite the years, his approach has remained the same: revolutionizing everyday objects with an intelligent design.


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  • 81,00 €
    81,00 €

    The foldable stool that fits between your books

    The foldable stool that fits between your books

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