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We are a team of hackers who believe that traditionalism belongs to the past, we also believe that the jewelry industry does not offer enough functions given the cost of raw materials.

We built the first NFC Ring to interact with a digital door lock. It quickly became apparent that the same technology could be used to unlock mobile phones and share information.

The original ring was designed by the founder of McLear Ltd, John McLear who received funding from Matt Mullenweg (the founder of WordPress) and then launched the ring for the Kickstarter community. This crowdfunding campaign sold more than 10,000 rings in 30 days, placing NFC Ring on the frontline of the portable technology market.

The team at McLear Ltd has grown rapidly and is in a new exciting place with a bright future, backed by their community and paving the way for portable technology.

John's overall approach is to open up as much as possible and allow as many people as possible to benefit from the technology.

John is also an open source advocate, founder of Primary Technology and Etherpad Foundation, a curry lover and a great tea drinker;)

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    33,47 € 16,73 €

    Be connected to the fingertips with NFC ring

    Be connected to the fingertips with NFC ring

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