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The Fazup company is based in Switzerland, in the canton of Jura. Fazup specializes in the protection of individuals against electromagnetic fields.

Given the uncertainties related to the potential hazards of new wireless technologies, Fazup is happy to allow you to apply the precautionary principle deal with this major health issue.

The objective of Fazup is to become the international standard for protection against waves through the quality of its innovations.

Fazup also aims to inform the general public and professionals about the risks related to environmental pollution and especially non-ionizing radiation. Fazup is actively working in the field of research and development in order to expand its product range to the sources of electromagnetic radiation to which we are daily exposed.

Fazup is proud to protect you now against the waves of your mobile phone, and many other devices of tomorrow!

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  • 29,90 €
    29,90 €

    Call without being impacted by the waves? It's possible!

    Call without being impacted by the waves? It's possible!

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