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The Californian startup Green Traveler LLC was founded by James Robinson in 2015. Graduated in Business and Administration and a climbing enthusiast, James came up with the idea of designing a whole new type of container in response to the various problems caused by classic food containers. In a few words: too heavy and easily breakable.

GreenTraveler is portable anywhere and is ideal for any situation. Indeed, it has four watertight compartments that allows that separate liquid food from solid food and prevent any leak.

Its project culminated with funding from Kickstarter in November 2016, which raised $ 116,830 with the help of 1,720 contributors. And today, Green Traveler LLC is present everywhere all around the world: the United States, Europe, Asia ...

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  • 42,54 €
    42,54 €

    Your super food container, your travel companion!

    Your super food container, your travel companion!

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