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Jeff Woolf and his team have been preventing head trauma since 2013 by encouraging cyclists to wear helmets.

This Officer of the British Empire (OBE), twice elected British inventor of the year, created the bike helmet that folds flat: Morpher. This innovative accessory has earned over $ 400,000 on Indiegogo.

With a curious mind, this seasoned cyclist wondered why 92% of Londoners were not wearing helmets. After conducting a survey, he learned that 83% were deliberately not using it because of its portability, despite being aware of the danger they were incurring.

Jeff concludes that if he could create a space-saving helmet, he could save lives. Especially those of the tenants of the bicycles self-service. More than 20 years back, he was himself involved in a bicycle accident. Hit by a car, he fell head first on a curb. He got away with a broken shoulder, a broken chin, a few broken ribs, but his head in good shape ... Fortunately he was wearing a helmet!

Jeff's mission is to improve the world by giving it the best. On one hand the industrial design of the Morpher helmet was made by Therefore Limited, responsible for the design and development of the GravityLight lamp. On the other hand, its manufacture was made by the first helmet OEM in the world Strategic Sports Ltd.

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  • 124,99 €
    124,99 €

    The only bike helmet that folds flat!

    The only bike helmet that folds flat!

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