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26 July 2016, a day to mark a milestone for the Chinese company Mobvoi which collects $ 50,000, 10 minutes after the launch of its intelligent watch Ticwatch 2 on Kickstater. Moreover, they were not to be pitied the following days: 10x times more in 3 days and 2,085,491 $ at the end of the campaign.

In fact, the success of this forward-thinking team, which in 2013 launched China's first mobile voice search service Chumenwenwen, was not unknown. Used by Webchat, an application with more than 900 million users per month and Android.

Nevertheless, ex-Googlers, Nokia-ers and multiple world-class Mobvoi engineers, led by Zhifei Li, are expected to achieve the goal of establishing the next generation of human-machine interaction through their products.

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