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The Dutch startup Innovative Brands b.v. has a mission : optimizing wireless lighting by making it more intuitive, brigther and by extending its autonomy.

At the end of 2015, the story of Lucis begins on the platform Indiegogo. It is a portable lamp with a sleek design and behind it lies an innovative technology. The name comes from Lux, which means"light" in Latin. No buttons, no remote control, no app, it turns on with a shake and is customizable by touch.

Behing Lucis is a designer with more than ten years of experience at the Dutch manufacturer Spyker Cars and a manager with years of experience with high-quality production sites all over the world: Simon Koop and Lardy van der Pal. They unite their skills in the city of Amsterdam, driven by a common passion for creation.

In order to deliver excellence and honor its Dutch roots, Innovative brands always incorporate the best technology into its products and adhere to very high quality standards. And this, without ever forgetting the aesthetic side.

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