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André Heyen, Belgian engineer and CEO of New Concepts, is the brain behind iMoov. Having traveled extensively for work, he suffered from lack of support for his laptop and his tablet. Unable to find a solution versatile enough to his taste, he decides to invent his own support.

2 years, several prototypes and a patent later, he gathers his friends Olivier Gramaccia, Roger Peters and Erwin Schröder and creates the startup at the end of 2015 in Luxembourg to launch the product.

However, iMoov extends his aspirations and decides to develop a whole range of accessories dedicated to facilitate the life of digital nomad and other people.

The team combines quality and simplicity to seduce the CES  show in Las Vegas in 2017. Positive feedback has enabled them to launch, with confidence, their fundraising campaign on Kickstarter in spring, which brings in over $ 100,000.

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  • 44,99 €
    44,99 €

    Work comfortably and anywhere without a desk or table!

    Work comfortably and anywhere without a desk or table!

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