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Dagoma is a French start-up dedicated to the manufacture of domestic 3D printer at low prices.

The startup was founded by two French engineers Mathieu Régnier and Gauthier Vignon. After a few years in China, they wanted to build the 4th industrial revolution in France. It was during their stay in Shanghai that they discovered the possibilities that the 3D printer already offered to Chinese industrial production.

Passionate and creative entrepreneurs, they are eager to see 3D printing change our consumption patterns!

Dagoma's mission is to change habits, open minds and foster creativity.
"Our vision is that each household has a 3D printer, that everyone can realize their dreams and materialize their desires. From a vision to reality, from an idea to a product, real, functional and performing" .

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  • 299,00 €
    299,00 €

    The 3D printer made in France accessible to all

    The 3D printer made in France accessible to all

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