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Bluesmart is the precursor of smart luggages. The team led by Diego Saez-Gil is doing the necessary, and much more to improve its users the travel experiences. At Bluesmart, making the best connected luggages is not enough, their goal is to develop the best luggages, period.

Their common passion for travelling enables them not only to meet the needs of the modern traveller, but also to anticipate them. Thus, each luggage function solves one of the recurring problems of traditional luggages. These include: GPS location, high-performance battery, digital lock, intelligent weight sensor, and more.

The company's zeal allowed it to make a name, and a satisfied and loyal community. In fact, it is millions of dollars that Bluesmart collected on Indiegogo for their smart luggages, of which more than 2 million for the first series.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item