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7 out of 10 drivers acknowledge that they have already suffered from a lack of attention. Thomas Toquet, the manager of 2KD FRANCE knows it very well because it is his driving sleepiness experience of that has pushed him to actively seek solutions against it.

After discarding multiple solutions from the market (watches, smartphone applications, glasses, earbuds, facial recognition camera ...), he finally stoped on the scientist Alexandre Levenshtein's patented technology: StopSleep. An electrodermal activity analysis device developed with the Institute of Sciences of Russia which was subject to a problem of format and overall design.

StopSleep is now a double ring with 8 skin sensors that only weighs 20 grams. After its miniaturization and the approval of the CNRS of Toulouse, StopSleep is today the most complete solution against falling asleep at the wheel, even internationally. It was moreover awarded the Innovation Award at MEDPI 2014.

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