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Founded in 2015 by Anton Zriashchev, an experienced entrepreneur that holds 3 university degrees (electronic engineering, math-economics and management and leadership), Glance Tech is a Singapore based startup that developed the first connected wall clock. Its name is Glance Clock.

The same problem affects the modern population: the information overload on smartphones. That's why Glance Tech wanted to create a consumer device that would show the right informations: weather, calendar, incoming calls ... at the right time. "Enchanted Objects," the book of award-winning entrepreneur David Rose, inspired Anton to bring a new value to an existing thing. Hence the choice of the clock, present for centuries, and yet barely renewed.

The Glance smart Clock aced its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign by reaching 827% of its hoal in November 2016. Outcome: over $ 460,000 to finance its mass production and make a name in the IoT market.

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