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Ayo is a company located in Bulgaria and the United States. Its team is made up of innovators, visionaries, designers, engineers, programmers and entrepreneurs. The co-founders of Ayo are all three accomplished entrepreneurs passionate about sports and well-being: Aleksandar Dimitrov, Branislav Nikolic and Nikola Vucinic.

Their first product Ayo is a pair of smart glasses that has required 3 years of development and the help of health experts. Including the Dutch Chronobiology professor (a science that studies biological rhythms) at the Erasmus Medical Center, Bert van der Horst.

Based on the circadian rhythm, it diffuses a blue light frequency in the eyes. Combined with its mobile app, Ayo helps to sleep better, overcome jet lags and get an energy boost during the day. The wearable was funded at 189% on Indiegogo on June 28, 2015, and since then it has optimized the sleep of many travellers and sedentary in the world.

At Ayo, technology and creative thinking are the main ingredients of innovative solutions that revolutionize our daily lives.

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  • 299,00 €
    299,00 €

    Connected glasses to refill your energy when you want!

    Connected glasses to refill your energy when you want!

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