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Livlab is a French startup based in Paris and founded by four young entrepreneurs: Greg, Alex, Guy and Pierre.

"Our ambition is to provide 10 million french people suffering from sleep problems a simple, natural, economic and efficient allowing them to sleep again. "

Winner of the Observeur du Design 2015 at the Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie, Livlab was illustrated by the design of its product: Dodow.


Alex was an recedivist insomniac. Between sleeping pills, various and varied solutions (yoga, meditation, relaxation therapy, hypnosis) he realized that their effectiveness have a price: personal and / or significant economic investment.
The Dodow team wanted to solve this problem by concentrating the best of these solutions in an extremely simple product: Dodow.
Dodow is a bright metronome to learn to fall asleep naturally without medication.



Greg: graduated from Polytechnique and Stanford. He discovered meditation at Stanford in the United States.

Alex: graduated from ESSEC. He managed to cure his insomnia after hours and hours of meditative practices.

Gui: graduated from the Design School of Nantes. Yoga enthusiast and passionate about the oriental culture, welfare is his domain.

Peter: graduated from the Design School of Nantes. Numerous thoughts always run through his head, he was unable to cut the thread to sleep.

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