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HURLU is a Bordeaux-based design agency co-founded by Laura Iriart and Arthur Trichelieu. It develops products that respond to sociological, ecological and technical issues.

The tree after life
Peculiar project for Laura and Arthur, Nidoo wants to be more responsible and anchored in social and collaborative values. They collaborate with the ESAT Gaillan Richelieu de Floirac, which contributes to the socio-professional integration of people with disabilities.

Nidoo is a coffin for small pets recycled from newspapers that offers a second vegetable life to the deceased. In 2013, it obtained more than $ 18,000 on the crowdfunding platform Ulule (under the name "Coffin") in addition to a grant awarded by the Fondation Jeunes du Crédit Agricole. The idea was inspired by Arthur's dog: his father buried it in the garden and planted a rosemary on it.

Distributed in veterinary clinics, it will allow many owners to pay a worthy tribute to their pet and best mourn it.

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