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NUSApack was founded by Benjamin Touboul, a young graduate of Toulouse Business School and a travel enthusiast. The startup started in front of Bali's rice fields (and not far from its magnificent beaches) before settling 12 000 km away, in Bordeaux.

The accessories NUSApack offers are designed to make backpacking easier and have been inspired by Benjamin's many trips and the experiences of numerous travellers he met on his journey. At they end of the day, they want to participate in the development of social projects in disadvantaged regions. In order to do this, the startup dedicates 5% of its turnover to entrepreneurs present on the Kiva micro-credit NGO, with a goal of 300 funded projects by 2018.

Its first product line, including the GILI beach bag and the VALPO travel pouch, is the delight of the most untidy travellers! And at the same time, the joy of micro-enterprises in Madagascar, Guatemala, Indonesia, etc.

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