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Swiss Innovation Products is the Zurich-based company behind the patented MyCoffeeStar coffee capsule. The latter was designed by Erwin Meier, a watch engineer who recently discovered the concept of Nespresso pods. In fact, daffled by the amount of waste they imply, he decided to make his own refillable stainless steel capsule. MyCoffeeStar fits in all of the famous brand's machines : in the name of ecology.

The invention is a huge success, endorsed by the prestigious Red Dot Design "Best of the Best" Award by 2015. Apart from allowing coffee lovers to save money, MyCoffeeStar preserves their bodies from aluminium particles. It is therefore a cost effective green alternative for all.

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  • 19,90 €
    19,90 €

    The only coffee capsule you'll never throw away

    The only coffee capsule you'll never throw away

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