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WinnerGear manufactures high quality smartphone accessories: from chargers to car mounts, they always take a forward-thinking route.

MicFlip is one of its most popular products. It was in 2015 the very first USB type-A / micro USB cable entirely reversible and was financed at 1116% on Indiegogo. Two years before, their MONTAR car mount was voted the best universal car holder in the world.

Once again, WinnerGear wants to revolutionize the lives of smartphone users with its FillGlass nanotechnology screen protector. Therefore transforming what was deemed "impossible" into possible. Also launched on Indiegogo, the Topaz ultra-thin iPhone protection glass was funded at 146% in 2016 and raised a total of $ 19,315.

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  • 20,00 €
    20,00 €

    The magic USB cable with 2 reversible plugs

    The magic USB cable with 2 reversible plugs

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