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It was during the creation of the Youmakeit platform in 2015 that Shay and Sophie were able to note the desire that people have to improve their posture at work. HumbleWorks was therefore created to develop a range of standing desks suitable for all.

Their products are distinguished by their sleek minimalist design, made perfect by the purity and warmth of wood. HumbleWorks is striving to build its desks locally and manufacturing is currently only a few miles from London.

Aesthetics is one of HumbleWorks' key points, but before that, they want to improve the well-being of people at work. And at the same time, make them happier when working.

Created for their pleasure, the Stan standing desks will be the new fundamental accessories for those who are always on the go and those who think about their health. From the coffee owner to the independent architect.

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  • 220,00 €
    220,00 €

    Switch between standing and sitting at work

    Switch between standing and sitting at work

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