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Ambi Labs is a Hong Kong-based startup, co-founded in 2012 by Julian Lee, Paul Sykes and Timothy Chang. It was originally created to develop products that will solve problems in Asia. Including air conditioning, way over priced due to the weather. After a survey that 4,000 consumers in different Asian countries (China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, etc.) filled in, Ambi Labs was able to identify a common problem: midnight wake-ups due to the cold when the air con is on.

Ambi Climate is therefore a smart device, which combined with an air conditioner manages to memorize the preferences of its users. It keeps the ideal temperature indoors regardless of outdoor conditions through patent pending algorithms. Ambi Climate makes it possible to minimize energy consumption while offering optimal comfort to the household.

Following the flop of a first fundraising campaign on the Singapore platform Crowdtivate in 2014, Ambi Climate decided to broaden its horizons by launching on a more international platform the same year: Kickstarter. A choice that resulted in the success of its air conditioner, funded at 122% in less than 9 hours.

Feedback from their backers from 40 countries around the world allowed them to come back on Kickstarter in May 2017 with a second version of Ambi Climate, equipped with artificial intelligence and programs specific to colder or more humid countries (anti-mould and anti-freeze). The campaign met a success equivalent to the first, and allowed the Hong Kong startup to make a name for itself in the IoT field.

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