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SCiO is a pocket spectrometer designed by the Israeli startup Consumer Physics. It is the first molecular sensor for the general public use. In just on click, it scan the macronutrients inside foods. Combined with the algorithm of the app of its French Partner DietSensor, it helps to know the amount of carbohydrates, lipids and fats, as well as food's caloric intake. This double innovation was rewarded with the Best Of Innovation Award at the 2016 CES Las Vegas.

DietSensor was founded in 2014 by Remy and Astrid Bonasse after learning that their 9-year-old daughter was suffering from Type 1 diabetes. Their goal was to facilitate the management of her diet and prevent the disease from deteriorating her quality of life.

The Diet Sensor app is now a huge database with more than 600,000 products and barcodes listed. It is a complete monitoring tool that can revolutionize the lives of many diabetics, as well as anyone with overweight and other chronic illnesses.

Finally, to complete their product, DietSensor has designed a smart scale connected to the app which optimize nutritional analysis.

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  • 376,99 €
    376,99 €

    Molecular scanner, smart scale and personal nutrition coach

    Molecular scanner, smart scale and personal nutrition coach

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