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First Seller is a family business. Coming from different backgrounds, our association has allowed us to share our respective knowledge in commerce, marketing and sales techniques in order to create the best online shopping solutions for you.
By creating First Seller, we wanted to provide our customers with a user-friendly and convenient solution to give them access to the best deals.
Our goal through our e-commerce site is to negotiate for you a wide range of products for customers who are always looking for good deals and competitive prices, while guaranteeing quality service.
Offering you a large sample of references, also saves time to the point where surfing on several websites becomes unnecessary.
Through First Seller, we want to facilitate your online purchases through advanced technology and secure payment.
Each product is commented on and has detailed information in all areas such as cutting-edge technologies, cosmetics, jewellery, everyday products, musical instruments, kitchen utensils, home and garden articles, clothing, and so on.
We are at your disposal for any additional remarks concerning the website, the possible products that you would like to see on sale and the prices that would suit you.

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  • 30,00 €
    30,00 €

    The ultimate on-the-go weapon at the cutting edge of technology

    The ultimate on-the-go weapon at the cutting edge of technology

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