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Crucial Detail is a multidisciplinary design practice and production studio, led by Martin Kastner. Crucial Detail's projects range from product development to graphic design, corporate identity, video, and photography.

Kastner, born in the Czech Republic, trained as a blacksmith and spent some time restoring historical metalworks at a castle in Western Bohemia before moving on to natural materials design and sculpture. He founded Crucial Detail in 1998, shortly after his arrival in the US.

He is best known for his Alinea serviceware concepts, which landed him on The Future Laboratory's list of 100 most influential individuals in contemporary design.  The book Alinea, which he designed in collaboration with Naissance Inc., was one of the winners of the Communication Arts Design Annual in 2009, for Best Design Book and was included in Altitude's The Best of Cover Design. His work has been featured in numerous publications including the Gourmet range of Fast Company.

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