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The solar brothers Gilles, Guillaume and Gatien are serious promoters of the solar concentrating technology. Indeed, their company IDCook has a large range of solar cookers : ovens, barbecues, ect. This allows them today to be a European reference in the domain of solar cooking.

A journey to Timbuktu 11 years ago, a love for nature and technology, 8 billion lighters thrown away each year... and many other reasons have resulted in their very first creation: SunCase. This firelighter based on solar reflection and concentration is able to light almost anything on fire. SunCase is also compatible with some lighters for night-time use.

With 100% of their mirrors manufactured in France and a purely French design, IDCook is undoubtedly one of the best eco-friendly French tech.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items


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