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Casten Design is a Swedish design company based in Hong Kong, founded by Gustaf Casten. In 2012, he dropped his backpack with his laptop inside. Results, his computer broke and he ended up with an idea: an ultra-resistant backpack with a Scandinavian style. These are a few years of concept, design, samples and testing later as the bag is launched on Kickstarter in December 2016. Its features represent Gustaf's love of sport and walking, hence the name: Vandra (walking / hiking in Swedish). Not only does it have an anti-shock system, it also has a special compartment for wet sports equipment.

Vandra was a real success during its campaign with 213 929 HK $ collected, but also after, indeed the backpack has only received praise from the contributors since its distribution.

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  • 115,00 €
    115,00 €

    The smartest and safest of the backpacks

    The smartest and safest of the backpacks

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