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Founded in 2013, Fonesalesman is a London-based company specializing in the manufacture of wireless chargers and receivers. It all started with the impossibility of recharging the wireless iPhone while the technology was already integrated into many Android smartphones.

Fonesalesman launches the iQi Mobile, an ultra-thin Qi receiver that has been a hit on Indiegogo with more than 500% of its initial target funded. Then, they engaged themselves into the manufacturing of chargers in 2014 with their QiStone +, a completely wireless charger, Followed by WoodPuck, a wireless charger made of Mao Zhu bamboo. It is inspired by the latter that they create their very first piece of furniture with integrated charging: FurniQi Side Table. In direct competition with IKEA's new furniture, Fonesalesman says the elegance, versatility, ease of installation and accessibility of their coffee table differentiate them from the Swedish giant.

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