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Maxogen Group LLC is a company specialized in the manufacture of health and wellness products to fight modern problems. It was Maxim Esterkin and Eugene Zabolotsky who founded it in 2015 following Eugene's trip to Africa in 2014.

After meeting with Tanzania's Minister of Health and FDA director (Food and Drug Administration), he decided to develop a product that would help people better deal with insect-related issues.

After some research, he learnt that the body increases its temperature in order to fight pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Its Bite Helper product therefore neutralizes itching and irritation by reproducing this response via Thermo-Pulse technology. It's the partnership with Heatact Heater manufacturer, met at the 2015 CES Las Vegas that allowed the implementation of the project.

Today, Bite Helper is classified as a medical device and is a member of the Mosquito Control Association. And Maxogen Group LLC, aware of the need for close collaboration with research institutions, gives a part of its sales to humanitarian causes, particularly against Zika, Malaria and Dengue.

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  • 49,99 € 34,99 €
    49,99 € 34,99 €

    No more bites with the insect bites repellent pen

    No more bites with the insect bites repellent pen

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