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A common love united engineering students Lucas and Geoffroy: beer. But not only drinking it, the brewing of it gained Lucas interest since his volunteer work at the Paris Beer Week and his "traineeship" at Dudes & Beers. As for Geoffroy, it's an initiation to brewing following a road trip including the tour of the main breweries in Belgium that drew his interest for this art.

B for Beer (obviously!) and Maker's M to emphasize the fact that you make it yourself: the Paris startup wants to introduce the world of craft beer and democratise amateur brewing. They also integrated ECE Cube in March 2016, their school's incubator, for a better realization of their project. Their kit, inspired by existing kits and enhanced by their experience as amateur brewers, is intended for anyone who want to discover, learn and understand how brewing works while keeping the pleasure of cooking.

Present in several beer cellars throughout France since 2017, B Maker wants to extend its distribution to the international and make the home-brewing accessible world-wide.

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