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Yann and Quentin are two underwater enthusiasts who decided to develop a shallow diving kit for everyone. Yann, having himself been a diver for 6 years, knew the importance of a light and compact material, without compromising the absolute priority : the security. Thanks to Quentin's engineering experience and with the help of diving professionals, a year later, MiniDive was born. This mini diving bottle allows the user to fill the breathing system manually. It allows professionals and beginners to breathe normally for 10 minutes.

Their attempt to democratise mini diving showed success with their project funded in 41 hours in November 2016. They even started an Indiegogo campaign Indiegogo thanks to the high demand and which allowed MiniDive to raise more than 150 $ 000.

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  • 749,00 €
    749,00 €

    A manually refillable mini diving bottle

    A manually refillable mini diving bottle

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