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Lunii is a young Parisian start-up selected by the French Tech and Business France in 2017 to show their product of the same name at the CES in Las Vegas. Lunii is in fact a totally innovative storyteller that tells a different story depending one the characters, universe and object chosen by the child. It was also funded at 105% ($ 46,154) on the Ulule crowdfunding platform in April 2015. It was conceived by Maëlle Chassard while writing her thesis paper on imagination, a subject she's passionate about. The observation that a child's imagination is bridled by television, video games, etc. pushed her to submit her device to Futur en Seine in 2014, where she received the Prix du Public (Audience Award) and funds for the first 10 Lunii prototypes.

Maëlle created the start-up with the help of her friends and entrepreneurs Igor Krinbarg, Éric Le Bot and Thomas Krinbarg. With each person in charge of specific tasks: strategic planning, software and hardware development, models production, etc. In August 2016, they finally marketed a device they are proud of, which benefits from Benoît Allemane's voice (Morgan Freeman's French dubber) in a special pack.

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  • 59,90 €
    59,90 €

    A box, stories to listen to, a whole entire world to discover!

    A box, stories to listen to, a whole entire world to discover!

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