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LaMetric is a British startup founded in May 2013 by Nazar Bilous, Igor Kishchak and Dmytro Barysky. Their first product is a positive consequence of the information overload they endured by working at the digital agency Lemberg. In fact, they had trouble sorting out what was important from what was negligible and the accurate sources from the obsolete ones which cost them a lot of time.

Time, which was the answer to their problem, because it wass by thinking about clocks that the idea of bringing together all the important metrics of everyday life came to them. Inspired by the "smart watch", designed for nomads, they created the "smart clock", intended for homes and offices. The first prototype of the first intelligent clock was born in July 2013, under the name LaMetric Time.

A year of hard work and a few prototypes later, LaMetric decided to present their most complete version on Kickstarter in June 2014. From there, huge success for the smart clock. First a successful campaign with more than $ 350,000 dollars raised. Then, a spot at the greatest consumer technology trade show, the 2015 CES, followed by the prestigious Reddot Design Award in 2016. A promising start for this startup that wants to make technology a modern and design booster of productivity and efficiency.

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  • 199,00 €
    199,00 €

    To be efficient at the office and Zen in your home smart home

    To be efficient at the office and Zen in your home smart home

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