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Oscar Lhermitte Albatros 

Oscar Lhermitte is a French multidisciplinary designer based in London. He graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2009 in Product Design and from the Royal College of Art in Design Product in 2011. Oscar sees diversity as a driving force, he does not want to be constrained by only one area of creativity. His body of work ranges from industrial design to photography, video, exhibition curation, set design, art direction, and consulting.

Oscar Lhermitte is the co-founder and director of Sidekick Creatives LTD and was nominated Design Of The Year 2014 by the Design Museum of London.

Oscar curated the No Randomness exhibition for the 2015 International Design Biennale of Saint Etienne.

Appart from this own work, Oscar is also a tutor at the Royal College of Art. Together with Durrell Bishop, he is teaching in the Object Mediated Interactions platform in Design Products.

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