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Think Board is the solution to the problem Hanson Grant, a 22-year-old student at Babson Business School, faced with the lack of a convenient surface to write his ideas. His small wallet and his small student room did not allow him to have a white board and he always lost his paper notes. With the help of some school friends and interns, Hanson created his company and his clear and adhesive film to transform any surface (wall, table, door, fridge ...) into an erasable board in 2014.

A Kickstarter campaign for Think Board was first launched, raising $ 10,100. Following this, the overall success was steady and after winning $ 20,000 from his school's B.E.T.A Challenge, Hanson got a place in the top 25 US student entrepreneurs of 2016.

At Think Board, the main goal is to revolutionize the way we work in an office, at home and in classes. In fact, this revolutionary transparent film is today used in several classrooms, bedrooms, houses and even on food trucks throughout the world!

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  • 24,99 €
    24,99 €

    Erasable, clear and adhesive whiteboard roll

    Erasable, clear and adhesive whiteboard roll

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