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More than 15 years back, Johanna Papinaho's childhood home (her grandmother's) ended up in ashes because of a phone charger left plugged in. It's her husband, in 2014, who decided to develop a safe charger that automatically turns off when the phone is disconnected. This intelligent and ecological charger was named after him: ASMO.

Asmo Saloranta decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in June 2014 to prove the need for such a charger and to fund his project. Yet, despite growing media interest and a few motivated backers, the charger did not reach his goal at the end of the campaign. However, that didn't discourage Saloranta and with the help of a Finnish company based in Oulu, such as Asmo, they were able to manufacture the first ASMO charger, optimized by taking into account the feedbacks on Kickstarter in December 2014.

ASMO was again a crowdfunding platform again in May 2015, but this time, on Indiegogo. The charger was very successful with a goal achieved in 9 hours and total funds of more than 80 000 dollars at the end of its campaign. It is now the world's first automatic charger that doesn't consume electricity in standby mode.

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