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Founded in 2014, Ween is a French startup based in Aix-en-Provence. It was co-founded by Jean-Laurent Schaub, its current CEO, and Nathanaël Munier, CTO and former head of an Antarctic geophysics laboratory. Once in France, Nathanael noticed a significant waste of energy in homes in winter due to the inconvenience of existing thermostats. "Arts and Métiers" engineer, he decided to create an "automaton" to manage the heating of his house.

A KissKissBankBank campaign was launched the same year and became the largest one for a connected object. Ween ended up at 2015's Las Vegas CES with an innovative product that won an Innovation Award and a $ 2 million fund. The connected thermostat increases and decreases the heating automatically shortly after leaving the house or before arriving in it. The thermostat now holds an international patent with 19 innovations. This success motivates Ween to develop other products that can make homes more intelligent.

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  • 349,00 €
    349,00 €

    The smartest of connected thermostats

    The smartest of connected thermostats

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