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Fitbark is an American company based in New York. The FitBark team is fortunate to have the support of several other incredibly talented people from Italy and other countries (notably to develop the design of our products).

As a dog lovers, we always wonder if we are doing everything it takes to keep our dogs happy and healthy. We know that an active lifestyle promotes health in general and avoids physical and mental illnesses. Yet there are no secret recipes to measure and improve activity and health over time.

That's why we developed FitBark, an activity monitor for dogs synchronizing with your smartphone to keep an eye on it! Fitbark combines our love for dogs, technology and design into a small product that helps humans understand dogs better. With FitBark, you can stay connected with your dog and get a glimpse of its life, so you'll know when to act. We are a group of passionate people who can not stay away from their dogs ... nor stay away from the technology!

Our widely successful crowdfunding campaign reinforced us in the idea that we were not the only ones!

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